Wednesday, January 7

Wednesday Attendance Wrap-Up

Here's another resolution I could have thrown on the pile from the other day: Putting a weekly wrap-up of the league's attendance figures on the site.

In keeping with my previous goal of toning down the bitterness, I'll just present the numbers and let you interpret them how you will. First, a side-by-side comparison of last year's game-by-game numbers and this year's. In both graphs the pink indicates the 07-08 season, the blue is 08-09.

And, a look at the same numbers, but with the totals for Oklahoma City and New Orleans removed.

And, on a side note, a look at how the league's attendance played out as the season progressed. There was talk earlier in the year that the low attendance numbers were more indicative of the time of the year than they were of any problems in NBA popularity. There might be some validity to that argument.

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