Wednesday, July 15

The Stern & Steve Show

Amount of time David Stern permitted Steve Kelley for an interview at the Las Vegas Summer League: 1 minute, 43 seconds

Amount of time it took Mr. Kelley to write his column: 1 minute, 38 seconds

Amount of time you should waste trying to think of any conclusions other than, "David Stern will say whatever it takes to further advance the agenda of David Stern": 0 minutes, 0 seconds


AH said...

Maybe Stern really does believe that Seattle can be an NBA city again, but he certainly didn't call the move "a failure of sorts" a year ago. If kelly wasn't a hack, he could have ripped into Stern for more lying.

Anonymous said...

I think David Stern "really does believe" that NBA fandom is his pet dog, and that no matter what miserable bones he throws our way, we'll gladly swallow them up and beg for more. Now that his league is teetering along with the rest of the American economy, he's trying to place nice with the city in case he needs us to bail out one of his failing teams.

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