Wednesday, October 28

Vintage Sonics Halloween Fun!

Print and clip your choice of Vanilla or Lime Flavor!

As we at Supersonicsoul attempt to get our kiddies ready for Halloween ("Where'd I put that Detlef wig?"), here's a vintage Supersonicsoul cartoon from our resident artist extraordinaire Rafael Calonzo, Jr. (aka Chunkstyle) from way back in 2007.

Happy Halloween . . . and good luck with those Danny Fortson costumes!


Zane H Sonics Fan said...

Haha beautiful!

I really appreciate you guys keeping the sonics alive. I still play Nba live '98 ):

kdoublec said...

NBA In the Zone 2

Paul said...

I still have Lakers vs. Celtics on DOS (but sadly no computer with those giant floppy disc drives!).

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween.. funny
have a look:

Anonymous said...

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