Saturday, January 9

R.I.P. Bob Blackburn

Bob Blackburn, the original voice of the Seattle Supersonics, passed away Friday at the age of 85.

For many of us, Blackburn's friendly voice welcomed us into the world of Sonics fandom. He was the voice of the '79 champs and along with Wayne Cody, Ivar Haglund and J.P. Patches, represented the best of Old Seattle, a town that was on the rise, but never took itself too seriously.

He will be missed, but never forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

Lee Winfield and Lucius Allen were "The Roadrunners", Bob "The Golden" Rule, Don Smith was "Smitty", Tommy "Crash" Kron, Barry "BC" Clemens, Dick "The Duck" Snyder, Tom "The Masher" Meschery, Rod "The Rifle" Derline, "Downtown" Freddie Brown, Jim "Foxy" Fox, Leonard "Mister" Gray, Dennis ""Airplane" Johnson (DJ), "The Wizard",Gus Williams, Lenny "The Little General" Wilkens, Al "Twiggy" Tucker, Archie "Shake n' Bake" Clark, Talvin "Tab" Skinner, Paul "Grandpa" Silas, Jack "The Banger" Sikma, Joe "Sonar" Hassett, Vinnie "VJ" Johnson, John "JJ" Johnson, Spencer "Woody" Haywood, Jim "Big Mac" McDaniels, Nick "Spoon" Weatherspoon, Donald "Slick" Watts!.... ---- Cherished Memories all.....Rest In Peace Bob....Forever in our Hearts......Always and Eternally an NBA World Champion Seattle SuperSonic.