Monday, June 7

Ray of Hope

I know I vowed never to watch another stinkin' NBA game after those bastards stole the Sonics, but last night's Lakers /Celtics game was a miracle.

My eight-year-old son has recently become a Celtics fan (one of the many tragic consequences of the Sonics leaving town) and being the noble, self-sacrificing father that I am, I agreed to watch the Finals with him.

I have to admit, it was pretty awesome.

For one night, at least, we got to see our beloved Ray-Ray (in a green jersey, no less!) lighting up Kobe for an NBA record eight three-pointers (seven in the first half alone). Sure, it wasn't as good as when the Sonics almost beat the Lakers that one time, but for a few glorious hours it almost seemed like old times.

There are a lot of terrible things going on in the world right now, but last night's drubbing of the Lakers renewed my faith in humanity. And, more importantly, in schadenfreude.


Tim said...

For me, the tragedy of the Sonics moving is my 6 and 9 year old sons switched from Durant fans to Kobe fans. The last year of the Sonics got them hooked on NBA basketball and now they wear purple and yellow. This is something I am sure will stay with them for life. That is truly a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I wondered after reading Ray Ray's latest comments about the team leaving..I wondered if he thought of his time here as a total waste (not in a financial sense, of course) in terms of wasting away his prime years for a also-ran..

Just look at him now, competing for a second ring...When they write his profile they will mention him coming back "home" and winning a ring and his time in Seattle will just be a blip, like he was never here..just sad..

Have yet to watch an entire game from start to finish since our team left. Will most likely, never will voluntarily.