Thursday, December 1

Worst Owner Ever?

And you thought Howard Schultz was bad!

From Deadspin:
Last month, we shared with you the bare details of Dan Borislow's brief, messy reign as owner of magicJack, the franchise that Women's Professional Soccer elected to terminate in late October after just a single season of play in Boca Raton, Fla. 
Borislow was uncooperative with the league; he refused to set up a front office or a website and he alienated longtime WPS sponsors. But why would someone run a team he'd purchased into the ground? Then, this week, a tipster sent along the WPS's filing against Borislow's motion for temporary injunction (viewable below, along with the accompanying exhibits). It turns out that Dan Borislow might just be a terrible human—or maybe he just comes off that way in his emails.
 In summary, this guy was allegedly such a horrible owner that not only did the league banish him, but they got rid of his entire team. Can you imagine if this happened in the NBA? Which team would you erase (I mean, besides the obvious)?


GU said...

if anyone said anyone other than the Lakers they'd be banned from the site, right?

Anonymous said...

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