Monday, January 30

Stern softens on Key Arena?

According to the Bring Back Our Sonics Facebook page, David Stern may be changing his tune (at least in the short-term) about Key Arena:
Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times was on with Ian Furness during @FurnessShow Kelley said he's heard talks that David Stern has said he's willing to let a team play in Key Arena for 2 years, if a new arena is being built for the future. - Jeff
So what does this mean for our beloved Sonics? Is Stern offering an olive branch to the heartbroken, discarded fans of Seattle or just more smoke and mirrors from The Wizard of Blahs?  No one knows for certain, but longtime Sonics fans will recall that not long ago Stern was a big fan of Key Arena, so anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

It means that if some private billionaires/millionaires cough up enough money to build a new arena, Seattle will get a team. Not exactly news, right?

Paul said...

I think the news here is that Stern is willing to let a team play in Key Arena for a few years, which he previously claimed to be unfit for man nor beast. Again, this is probably just more jibber-jabber, but it COULD mean that they are getting desperate to move some of their teams ASAP.

Peter said...

Ever see where the grizz played while FedEx forum was being built? The pyramid is a lot like keyarena. Pretty crappy. Even the NHL is now saying the key would work temporarily. It would be pretty hard for the nba to deny.

Anonymous said...

Still dont' see where this means much of anything. Consider this: When Bennett was proposing to build the Renton arena, Stern was okay with that idea, right? Well, where do you think the Sonics would have played while the Renton arena was being built? Naturally, they would have played at the Key, the same Key he called unfit.

Honestly, it all boils down to the same thing, in my opinion. If Seattle/Bellevue builds a new arena, there's a chance they could get a team. If they don't build a new arena, there's no chance. Steve Kelley's supposed 'hot tip' is about as useless as his columns.

Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but I just don't see how this is even remotely news. Stern has always said that Seattle is a great spot for a team with a new arena. He's not saying anything different now, we're just trying to create hope.

Paul said...

"Steve Kelley's supposed 'hot tip' is about as useless as his columns."

Well, you won't hear any arguments against that statement!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's pretty tough to believe there is a higher power when Steve Kelley's still getting paid six figures to write while Art Thiel has to hustle to make a buck.