Thursday, July 19

Big Arena Meeting Tonight at Town Hall

He's short, like us!

To all our supporters, 
I just wanted to reach out to all of you ahead of tonight’s joint public hearing. This is a fantastic opportunity for all of you to express both how important this project is to you and why this is a great deal for the City and County. While I first and foremost want to encourage all of you to attend, as a great turnout will really help our cause, I also want to express to you that it is important for us to handle ourselves with class. 
While I think we all feel that this is a great chance to make our case, I would just ask each of you to appreciate the fact that the democratic process here in Seattle is as much a part of our history and culture as the Sonics. The Councils are simply doing their duty in vetting our deal and asking tough questions, and as with most things in life, not every citizen is going to agree with our opinion. As such, we should be respectful of both the Council members and our opposition. Nothing good can come from rudeness, heckling, or booing. I’m sure that’s actually what many people expect from passionate sports fans. Let’s show them that we’re better than that. 
We have the facts squarely on our side, so I would just encourage any of you who plan to attend to take a deep breath and relax. If you plan to speak, do your homework, try to say something thoughtful, helpful, and factual, and above all do so in a polite and courteous manner. Never underestimate the power of being kind, genuine, and respectful. 
— Chris Hansen
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