Saturday, June 1

This day in Seattle Supersonics history: We Were The Champions

On June 1st 1979, I got to stay up past my bedtime to watch basketball on TV as the Seattle Supersonics won the city's first and only major men's sports championship. 

Like so much of their history, the Sonics were victims of terrible timing. With Bird and Magic still in college, 1979 was the last year that no one cared about the NBA. CBS thought so little of pro basketball that it didn't even televise the game live. Seattle had to suffer the indignity of having their coronation relegated to tape delay, one of many slaps to face the franchise would endear throughout their abbreviated history that would end abruptly less than 30 years later.  

No matter what happens with the future of the NBA in Seattle, nothing can take away Jack, DJ, The Wizard, Downtown Freddie Brown and getting to stay up late to watch the Habegger Hop. 

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