Tuesday, August 3

Swift, Yet Fast

From Eric Bucher's NBA column on ESPN.com:

Seattle SuperSonics. Blazers second-year forward Travis Outlaw, ball cocked over his head and a murderous dunk in mind, soared to the rim. Sonics high school center Robert Swift (No. 12) met him there and cleanly blocked the ball before it left Outlaw's hand. Just as impressively, Swift reacted as if it was no big deal. Maybe that's because he did it last summer in a private game to Paul Pierce, one reason why the Celtics didn't need to see Swift work out to know they wanted him. Big men always develop slowly and Seattle would be wise to sign some vets who could show him the ropes, but Swift's appetite for defense and back-to-the-basket instincts should carry him a long way.
Please, please God, let this kid be decent. I'm not even asking for him to be "good." I'm talking merely "serviceable" in a Frank Brickowski-, Ervin Johnson-kind of way. Is that asking too much?

... on second thought, maybe that's not asking for enough for a No. 12 draft pick.

... on third thought, how many No. 12 draft picks ever make an All-Star team anymore? Hold up, let me do some research on this...