Wednesday, November 30

Game Night: Bobcats

Finally, a chance for the Sonics to get healthy. After all the immense amount of ink spilled in the past four days regarding Seattle's horrific defense, poor intensity, etc., etc., tonight the Sonics have an opportunity to show why they were one of the better teams in the Western Conference last year.

Of note for Charlotte, both Melvin Ely and Primoz Brezec have played well in their last two outings, which should strike fear into the hearts of Sonic fans, as both guys will need to be stopped by big defenders - something MIA in Seattle this season.

Oh, and this is worth a laugh: According to the Bobcats' website, tonight's game "will be a battle between two teams known for their hustle on the defensive end." Um, yeah, if by "hustle" you mean "complete inability to stop the fellow with the ball."

INJURY REPORT - Rick Brunson (OUT), Danny Fortson (QUESTIONABLE), Jumaine Jones (DOUBTFUL), Sean May (QUESTIONABLE), Sonic Defense (GAME-TIME DECISION).

SPREAD - Sonics by 6

NOTES - Gerald Wallace, a guy that more than one of our readers pointed out as a viable Sonic free agent target, is having the best year of his career. After a few seasons in Sacto, Wallace has exploded for nearly 18 points a game, as well as 2.5 steals. Wallace, however, is having trouble hitting 3's on the road. He's at 43% at home, only 17% away.


Lance Uppercut said...

I don't want to sound like an a-hole or anything, but if the spread is Sonic +6, I'd put money on the Bobcats. That's a great value bet, IMO.

PN said...

Sorry for the confusion, but what I intended to say was the Sonics are favored to win by 6. Good Lord, I think we could all make ourselves rich if it were the other way around.

Lance Uppercut said...

I think I'm the one who misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

Sonics lose by 10. I'm being optimistic.

b_con said...

Honestly, you'd think man to man defense wouldn't be that hard for these guys. Nothing fancy, just hard man to man. Reggie and Nick can do it for sure. Ray and Rashard are athletic all stars, they must be capable? Luke is quick, and should at least stay in front of his guy, right? Everyone on this team SHOULD be able to play man to man hard. This is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

YES! WE WIIIIIN! :D by 10! 104-94 *hugs and high fives everyone in the room* a win is a win. thank GOD! :D luke had a double double tonight, which is great.

but if you look at production by points, it seems that only luke, shardy and ray ray did most of the work. so besides needing some support at center and improving team D, it seems that we need ridnour (and the bench players) to perform at a more consistent level. and that will hopefully come with a little more time and experience. :D