Wednesday, November 2

Incoherent on Opening Night

I thought it was considerate of them to put a nice big picture of Ray on the tickets, for us po' folks in the upper, upper bowl.

Is it 7 o' clock yet? And whose dumb idea was this whole "Spring Forward/Fall Back" thing anyway? Stupid Pacific Standard Time, making me wait another 5+ hours until ZHO-han Pet-trow steps into the halfcourt circle for the tip...

At any rate, Supersonicsoul will be there in full partial force! Big ups to my brother, the aptly named "Chunk's Brother," for coming through with the tickets. The first Miller Genuine Draft is on me.

But enough with my retarded monkeytypings already--I'm sure Mr. Nussbaum is crafting another one of his patented Game Night previews as we speak. Admittedly, prognos... prognosti... prognostification is not my strong suit. Nor is word talking. Thank goodness I can yell and act a fool at sporting events, or I'd be completely useless to this crew.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go warm up: "GO! ...SONICS! GO! ...SONICS!"

I’m super like the Sonics
I jab you with the left
and swing a hook without the phonics
--DAS EFX, "Underground Rappa"


Anonymous said...

ahhh yeah, just scored a ticket. Probably upper bowl style as well.

My Petro jersey is gonna be pimp.

Anonymous said...

Chunk, Rich - Don't leave that digital camera at home; any have-decent pic would look great for the game recap.