Tuesday, April 11

Bruce Bowen: Moral Crusader

"There are a lot of people in the league who have lost a lot of respect for him. People are starting to see he's not so clean."
-Bruce Bowen, on Ray Allen

Um, yeah, okay, Bruce. I shouldn't slag Bowen too much, in that he came clean and owned up to his responsibility in the Spurs' loss to the Sonics on March 26th, when he and Allen got into a tussle and Bowen kicked Sugar Ray in the back. Bowen's kick prompted a technical and - later, thanks to a phone call from Allen to Stu Jackson - a $10,000 fine. Still, for Bruce Bowen to comment on another player's lack of cleanliness is somewhat silly.

Whatever the case, tonight's game should be more than the typical season-ending fare one would expect from a team out of the playoffs. The Sonics are ... well, they're not exactly on fire, but with four consecutive wins, they're at least moving from the "Low" part of the burner to around 5 or 6. The Spurs, meanwhile, are questing for playoff positioning, so the game means a huge amount to S.A.

Oh, and did I mention that Bob Hill still doesn't mail Gregg Popovich a Christmas card? Should be some kind of fun in the Alamo tonight. Top matchups:

1. Allen vs Bowen (natch)
2. Wilcox vs Duncan
3. Hill vs Pop
4. Frodo vs the Wee Frenchman
5. The Rim vs Brent Barry (sorry, couldn't help myself)


Anonymous said...

He was white too, right biggie???

Anonymous said...

Plus he went to Oregon State, which is a huge strike 2 in my book.

Anybody else read that OSU is dropping its cheerleading program? They keep this up and they're going to have start paying students to go to school there.

Anonymous said...

Big, just to be fair, they also sent a travesty of a QB to the NFL who also happened to be black (see: Akili Smith)


Anonymous said...

Pretty crappy game last night against the Spurs, and entirely forgettable. Credit Tony Parker for being much better than anyone had ever expected him to be. He killed the Sonics again, and they knew it was coming, especially considering Ginobili was a DNP. Let's hope tonight's game with the Hornets is a little brighter.

Anonymous said...

You just know that Kenny Wheaton's name was coming up at some point. It's like Canadians who bring up Jim Carrey or William Shatner. They can't help themselves.

Even better, Lance: Billie Joe Hobert and Marques Tuiasosopo. Hey Biggie, how much are their rookie cards worth these days?

Anonymous said...

"How many top 5 picks can you have and still suck?"


I don't know, dogg, but here are some people who might...



Anonymous said...

If you own the Ducks, then why did you lose to them by 3 touchdowns last year? Sorry, Biggie, the Dawgs owned the Ducks for 75 years, but that ended with Mike Bellotti. Since he's taken over, the Ducks have definitely had the better of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least we don't call ourselves the Ducks and then have a goose as a mascot. By the way, real men don't wear purple.

Mr. F said...

Good talk, any other PAC-10 fans want to challenge the most winningest program (football wise) in the conference??? Thought so.

Yeah and how many Rose Bowl Victories and NCs do you have to show for that? It's good to be a USC student.