Tuesday, April 4

Petro's Nose Surgery; Sikma Next?

Watch your back, Jack!First Robert Swift, now Johan Petro. As hard as it is to believe, both of Seattle's young centers have broken their noses this season, with Petro in line for surgery. Swift, a veteran of the process, told the Seattle Times that "[the doctors] will pop the bone back into place and he'll wear a mask for the rest of the season." Swift refused to comment on rumors that he paid Joel Pryzbilla $20 to break the nose. "That's just a bunch of internet gossip," Swift said. However, when you include Collison's broken nose last spring, you start thinking that something's up.

Whatever the case, Bob Hill may want to wear blinders when he watches the action in the middle tonight. With Petro out, Mikki Moore and Swift are the only guys left to "defend" Yao Ming. Luckily, T-Mac is out, although as Rashard Lewis is out as well, it's pretty much a wash. The Sonics are looking for revenge after getting hammered in Houston a week ago, and, hey, Rick Brunson's back in town! And Kevin Calabro will call another Sonic game! Who needs the playoffs with this intrigue!


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Calabro didn't mention Ehlo in his list of color guys he worked with - must have been hard for him to come up with a compliment.

Paul said...

KC mentions my all-time favorite Sonic moment:

1992 Playoffs against Golden State
Beating Golden State in that first round was great. Shawn Kemp just went off. Gary Payton threw a lob to him, and the crowd went nuts. Everybody was ready to just explode, and they did.

Chunk, were we at that game, or was I just really high (again)?

Anonymous said...

Getting high is illogical.

Paul said...

Are you kidding? Have you seen this?

chunkstyle23 said...

We were there, in the rafters. I remember it more clearly than the births of my kids.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Merrill, I stand corrected.