Tuesday, May 23


Thankfully, not making the playoffs does give teams something to get excited about in the offseason - The Lottery.

It seems as if every day draft prognosticators have different guys wearing Sonic jerseys - assuming Seattle lands the #10 pick as expected. Among the people I've seen attributed to Seattle are Mardy Collins, Ronnie Brewer, and 100 other players.

A couple of tips:

1. Everybody is "long"
2. Everybody has "exceptional quickness"
3. Everybody "needs to work on defensive positioning"
4. Everybody "reminds scouts of (insert player of same race and height here)"

With that in mind, I'm not adverse at all to Seattle dealing the pick + Danny Fortson to pickup something useful: a veteran center, perhaps?

The lottery will be starting at 4:30 pm tonight, West Coast time.

UPDATE: The lottery has ended. Bad News: The Sonics got the 10th pick. Good News: Portland dropped to fourth!


Zach said...

I think this is going to be the most interesting draft in a long time. You've got so much uncertainty at the top of the draft: can Thomas/Aldridge realize their potential, can Morrison score at the pro level, and so on. Plus, several of the teams at the top (the Bulls in particular) might not want to add another young player, so we could see several trades.

As far as the Sonics go, here's my wish list (assuming they pick 10th).

1. Brandon Roy (ain't happening).
2. Randy Foye: shooting guard is the only spot I can see any rookie getting minutes next year, since we don't have a real backup for Ray. Foye's a good offensive player and is better on defense than Ronnie Brewer.
3. Brewer: maybe more potential than Foye, he's got great (6'7") size.
4. Marcus Williams: we might not have a role for him, but he's going to be a very nice pro.
5. Rudy Gay: Another guy I doubt will last, and who doesn't really fit position-wise. But we could take a flier on him and let him sit most of the season.

Anonymous said...

I read today in the PI that Gelabale may not be coming to Seattle this year after all. Here's the paragraph:

"Also, [Seattle GM Rick] Sund said that 2005 second-round pick Mickael Gelabale has not committed to joining next year's team. His agent will meet with the Sonics next month, perhaps at the Orlando predraft camp."

Bob, can you give us any insight into this?

Anonymous said...

Why the hell do the Sonics keep drafting cats who never end up playing for us??? That's just a waste of a draft pick. I doubt any of the Sonics managment check this site out, but just in case;


Anonymous said...

Can somebody help me out and please tell me how good Mickael Gelabale really is?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you can also look through our archives for a story about Gelabale I wrote on April 7 of this year. He's a "long" (sorry) player capable of playing the 2 or 3, or even the point if an emergency arises. Like most guys from Europe we've seen recently, you can't categorize him as a particular position, but he would definitely help the Sonics next year as Allen's backup.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, what sound does vinegar make when it hits water?

Anonymous said...

The lottery only lasts a few minutes. They may stretch it out longer for television purposes, but it ought to be done within 15 minutes.

Paul said...

The Sonics got the 10th pick . . . and Portland dropped to fourth! (Sorry Lance!)

Anonymous said...

Toronto-Chicago-Charlotte-Portland is the top 4. If the Blazers keep up this run of lousy luck for another 25 years, I may almost begin to feel sorry for them.


Wait, I just had a flashback to Danny Ainge in black and red ... Bill Walton ... Kevin Duckworth ... Ah, yes. My Blazer hatred has been rightfully restored.

Anonymous said...

Why trade Wilcox? if he could ever get us 20-10 a night the line-up can easily be adjusted to complement his type of play?

Anonymous said...

I'm actually cool with the fourth pick. That allows Portland brass the freedom to take the guy I want in the fist place: Black's homie Brandon Roy. Of course, he'll have to spend the first couple of weeks scrubing off the foul stench of huskie, but after that, he's going to make me very happy. Is it true that the Sonics are looking to draft a guy from Lichenstien?

Anonymous said...

Lance, y'all don't need B. Roy, you've got Martell, they basically play the same position. Besides, we all know you guys are gonna take the newest version of wally szczxzczerbiak.

Anonymous said...

You wrong big. Most here in P-Town think Martell is eventually going to move to SF, so adding Roy makes perfect sense. If it were two years ago, I'd say it would be almost certain that the Blazers would make the mistake of taking Morrison, but with Nate running the things, I don't think there's any way the Blazers take him. Hell, he might be available for you guys to take at ten!

Anonymous said...

That's not funny Lance. Them's fightin words.