Tuesday, September 26

The (Grass) Roots

Ray-Ray with the Cleveland High boys basketball team.

So, not much to report from supersonicsoul land. But there's plenty going on with our hard-working pals at Save Our Sonics & Storm.

As you may know, these folks have been a presence at the last Storm games, the Sonics Legends Tour events, a KJR fundraising thingy, probably the Seahawks and Huskies games too. I have been helping out, as best as a hermit can, on the promo side by creating signs and stuff for them to hand out at games and PR events.

I haven't been able to see the signs "in action" myself, so when I saw the following pictures of SONICS LEGENDS holding them I was knocked out of my socks.
(horked from kjram.com and sonicscentral.com):

Dude, the way I freaked when I saw these, you'd think they were pictures of me throwing an oop to Kemp in the 96 Finals. This might be the closest I'll ever get to that.

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