Wednesday, September 27

Election Time

Voting is for old people.
Ah, the leaves are turning, a crisp smell is in the air, and placards abound in front yards across the land - election time is here, friends.

While the citizenry ponders whether to vote for the devil they know, or to turn to the devil they don't, I could care less. In Canada, we don't bother with elections, we just elect people who will sleep with hockey players. Is it a better system? Hard to say, but it's certainly about as effective.

In any event, you're probably wondering just what the hell this has to do with the Sonics. Well, skeptic reader, is currently running a poll to name the GREATEST PLAYERS IN SONICS HISTORY.

Up first, the pioneers, the Sonics who put in the time and effort to build a team that would, well, most likely move to Oklahoma in a couple of years. Sigh.

Let us know who you think merits a vote. Personally, I marked my ballot for Haywood, Wilkens, and Downtown Freddie Brown, because, well, anytime you get a chance to vote for Fred Brown you should just do it. Honestly, Bob Rule deserves it more, but unless his nickname was Bob "Cool is the" Rule and I wasn't aware of it, he's not getting my vote.


Anonymous said...

Until Danny "Blame it on the" Vranes makes the ballot, I'm abstaining from any voting.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys even read the website???? - there just voting for old guys now. I'm down with Downtown Freddie Brown, too. Where's Zaid Abdul Aziz, though?

Anonymous said...

Since Tom Chambers has one of the best dunks of all-time (when he jumped over a guy and got rim level for a 2-handed jam, I think I'll vote for him.

Gabe said...

i'm waiting until they have post 1983 so that i can vote for kemp.

Anonymous said...

where the F is GP and Kemp
this is not even realistic without them