Sunday, October 1

Support the team--GO TO THE GAME!

Do you want to keep the Sonics in Seattle? Of course you do. The best way to support the team is to buy tickets to the game, which is where my friend Jason Rubenstein comes in.

Jason works for the Sonics and is as passionate about the game as we are. He also wants to get as many people to games as possible, so he's offering some special deals to Supersonicsoul readers:
Hi everyone! We currently have seating available for season seats for the 2006-2007 season, 4 Games - $40 Total.


Wed., Jan. 10 Miami

Tue., Jan. 23 Denver

Wed., Feb. 14 Phoenix

Tue., Mar. 13 Detroit


Tue., Jan. 16 Cleveland

Sat., Feb. 10 Sacramento

Fri., Mar. 23 Minnesota

Fri., Apr. 6 Lakers

Seating is available in the $24 section, so it's a great value at almost 60% off. This also gives you guaranteed playoff priority and the privilege to add-on additional games at the package discount (This is the big benefit - add-on Opening Night, Chicago, Dallas, Spurs, etc...).

Seating is limited. Contact me with questions or to order your seats--I'm happy to assist!

Be sure to mention that you found my information on Supersonicsoul and I will be sure to get you down to the arena for a tour, complimentary game, and a great deal!

Jason Rubenstein
Official Supersonicsoul Ticket Representative,
If you want to help keep the team in Seattle, then do your part and buy some tickets.

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