Friday, October 13

Sonics All-Star Team

The voting is mostly done for the Sonics' 40th anniversary team (Actually, in a strict interpretation of the word, next year would be their 40th anniversary, because the first year doesn't count. Think of it this way: You get married in 1971. Would that mean that 1972 would be your 2nd anniversary? No, it would be your first anniversary. The Sonics' first season was in 1967-68, which means their 40th anniversary would be the 2007-08 season, not the 2006-07 season. But I digress).

The lone remaining spot is for the "Wild Card," and your options are:

Tom Chambers
Slick Watts
Brent Barry (!)
Sam Perkins
Bob Rule

I'm sorry, but I don't want to live in a world where Brent Barry gets more votes than any of those 4 guys. For the love of all that is holy, get yourself to and vote as often as you can for any of the other 4 guys. Personally, I'll mark a big X for Mr. Sam Perkins.


Anonymous said...

No way - it's got to be Chambers. When did Perkins ever win an All-Star MVP for crying out loud? Actually, Rule is probably the best of the bunch, but since nobody under the age of 45 ever saw him play, he gets forgotten.

Anonymous said...

One guy who fell through the cracks is Michael Cage. Cage's top 5 in boards is worth as much as Watts finishing in the top 5 in steals, right? Yeah, Watts rocked the headband, but if you had to put your money on the best hair in Sonic history, you've got to go with Michael Cage!

Anonymous said...

Gelabale is the new hair king.

Anonymous said...

Hard not to go with Big Smooth, but i'll have to choose Chambers, even though i'm still pissed at him for skipping town.

Anonymous said...

I love Slick and all, but the first sentence of his bio says he is "one of the most popular players in Sonics history"

I really give the guy credit for staying in town and cotributing to the team and the community, but if that is the biggest point you can make for the guy, well then he really doesn't deserve it.

I really don't think Brent Barry should be there, either.

i would go with Chambers... he deserves it just for his MVP performance in the All-Star game

P.S. what about Ricky Pierce? If Slick is on the ballot, Slick Rick needs to be a choice as well...


Anonymous said...

Tom Chambers should be selected as the fifteenth member of the Seattle Supersonics 40th Anniversary Team.

Furthermore, Bob Rule ought to be on the team in lieu of Nate McMillan; McMillan was nothing more than an average role player during his career.

Lastly, neither Brent Barry nor Slick Watts deserve serious consideration for the team.

Anonymous said...

I agree with q.
Where the heck is Ricky Pierce?
You mean to tell me that Nate McMillan was EVER as big a piece of the puzzle as Ricky Pierce? The most consistent, reliable scorer in Sonics history.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Pierce should definitely be on the squad. He could flat out play.

Anonymous said...

Chambers was a great player for a long time.Rule was good until he tore his achilles tendon.Pierce was good,the rest were journymen at best.

Anonymous said...

It's got to be the "Golden Rule"--- NBA ALl-Star center back in the day...Unstoppable as a scorer with the left hand....Rough and tough, he took no guff!....Just entering his prime years when he was cut down with the then career ending achilles tear...."And at center,6'9 from Colorado State, Bobby Rule!!