Tuesday, October 17

Sam's The Man

Former Seattle Supersonics forward Sam PerkinsThanks in no small part to the efforts of voters from supersonicsoul, Sam Perkins earned a spot on the Sonics' 40th Anniversary Team, joining Slick Watts as the 2 Wild Card entrants. Somewhere in Utah, Tom Chambers is cursing us all.


anonymous #13 said...

Most of the fans in this forum said Chambers.

The majority of voters were clueless as usual. No surprise. Bring on the all-star ballots. I hear Grant Hill can walk again... time for him to regain his status as top vote-getter.

Lance Uppercut said...

God I wish Sam Perkins had been a Blazer at some point. Think he'd come out of retirement?

nuss said...

My tongue was in cheek regarding Perkins; I know I was the only one pulling for him. Sorry if the joke was a little too subtle.

Lance, you're right, Perkins was have fit in quite well with the Blazers of a few years (months?) ago. Maybe he could have tought Damon, et al how to smoke pot responsibly.

Anonymous said...

Most importantly, how to conceal it.