Tuesday, October 17

Sam's The Man

Former Seattle Supersonics forward Sam PerkinsThanks in no small part to the efforts of voters from supersonicsoul, Sam Perkins earned a spot on the Sonics' 40th Anniversary Team, joining Slick Watts as the 2 Wild Card entrants. Somewhere in Utah, Tom Chambers is cursing us all.


Anonymous said...

Most of the fans in this forum said Chambers.

The majority of voters were clueless as usual. No surprise. Bring on the all-star ballots. I hear Grant Hill can walk again... time for him to regain his status as top vote-getter.

Anonymous said...

God I wish Sam Perkins had been a Blazer at some point. Think he'd come out of retirement?

Anonymous said...

My tongue was in cheek regarding Perkins; I know I was the only one pulling for him. Sorry if the joke was a little too subtle.

Lance, you're right, Perkins was have fit in quite well with the Blazers of a few years (months?) ago. Maybe he could have tought Damon, et al how to smoke pot responsibly.

Anonymous said...

Most importantly, how to conceal it.