Thursday, October 26

One To Go

Don Nelson and the Warriors take on the Seattle SuperSonics tonightThe exhibition season is finally ending, with tonight's game in Spokane against the Warriors the final test. As you've heard by now, Robert Swift is out with a (possible) sprained knee - or worse, meaning that the center by committee situation just got even more messy.

It's likely Johan Petro will start, with Fortson, Collison, Sene, etc. filling in as well. I suppose we could get all depressed about this, but, seriously, Robert Swift wasn't going to be the reason the Sonics made it back to the playoffs this year, and his injury is not going to be the reason why they don't. At this point in time, the Sonics' best lineup doesn't include Swift, Petro or Sene at center - it's with the undersized Collison. If Swift's injury means more minutes for Collison, well, that's not exactly a tragedy, now is it?

Tonight's game should be an interesting one, in that the Warriors are expected to contend for a playoff spot. Plus, there's the opportunity to watch basketball in the hotbed of hoops - Spokane!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm just ignoring the whole Sonics move scenario. I know it's probably going to happen anyway, but dwelling on it just makes me sad.

Like they say, ignorance is bliss, right?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Don Nelson always look like he's half in the bag? That photo especially looks that way.

I guess that would explain some of his rotations in Dallas...

Anonymous said...

Ignorance may be bliss, but reality sucks.

"According to a Sonics player and another member of the organization, Swift's MRI revealed major damage that will cost him the year. Team physician Richard Zorn will examine the MRI results today and the team is expected to make an announcement this afternoon."