Thursday, October 26


NBA Commish David Stern thinks the Seattle SuperSonics are swell. Really.You know how you can tell when David Stern is filling your ears with B.S.? Okay, it's an old joke, but get a load of this gem from Mr. Stern, courtesy of Frank Hughes' article in the TNT:

“I would say that Howard, we are indebted to him,” Stern said. “People forget that the success of the Storm is an important aspect of his tenure. The (Sonics) team was one of the most competitive teams in terms of his NBA tenure. And he was very much focused on social responsibility as a platform."

Now, put aside the other crapola in the statement, and focus upon this particular claim:

"The (Sonics) team was one of the most competitive teams in terms of his NBA tenure. "

Unbelievable. It's not enough that Stern, Schultz, Bennett, & Co. are attempting to extort the people of Seattle so they can make even more money, but now Stern is going to stand there and tell us that Schultz fielded "one of the most competetive team" during his tenure?

Really? The fact Stern's Sonics went 209-201 during the five years he owned them makes them "competitive?" Compared to what, the Hawks? Or the fact his "competitive" team advanced to the playoffs twice in five years, winning all of one series? That's competitive? What's uncompetitive in Stern's dictionary, suiting up a team of lemurs?

I'm sorry, I promised I wouldn't talk about this crap anymore, but when I read something like that from Stern it makes me want to vomit. Repeatedly.


Anonymous said...

projectile vomit. ferociously.

Something to cure my sickness:

Wally officially announces resignation!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who's more offended by what you said: the Hawks, the Sonics... or the lemurs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Rich. I certainly don't want to wish ill upon anyone, but it's nice to see Wally's gone. I think if people look at the work Rick Sund has done since he took over for Walker, he deserves a few pats on the backs for his moves - his draft record is certainly pretty solid (although going for 3 consecutive centers is a little weird if you ask me - if you can't find anybody decent in your draft listings, that doesn't mean you HAVE to pick a center, you can always trade the pick, right?)

Anonymous said...

Duck alert! Luke Jackson's been waived by the Celtics, making a 2nd member of the famed UO early 00s squad available to the Sonics (Luke Ridnour is obviously the first). Rick Sund, do us a solid and bring in Luke, or do you really think Kareem "Toucy Groin" Rush and Desmon Farmer are better answers?

Anonymous said...

One center down, the second one is sucking, the third may may be learning how to play the game while he's starting... 4th consecutive 1st round center pick next season?

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' preseason injuries. I guess we're scanning the waiver wire today, huh? Kelvin Cato anyone?

Anonymous said...

I bet we could get Calvin Booth back. Let's offer him a max deal, as a farewell nod to Wally. Then when the Sonics are in OK next year, we can be the ones laughing at them for a change.