Wednesday, February 21

Sonics on Trade Deadline: Feh . . .

Seattle Sonics Ray Allen and Danny FortsonDanny Forston breaks the news to Ray Allen that he's not being traded.

With the Seattle Supersonics in the midst of another trainwreck of a season, and desperate to gain public support for a new arena, you'd think the team would have to be working the phones to land a blockbuster trade before Friday's NBA trade deadline, right?

I mean, they have to be thinking about trading Rashard Lewis before he walks away at the end of the season as a free agent, right?

The Sonics have had no conversation with the Knicks about exchanging Rashard Lewis for anybody and that includes Channing Frye and Nate Robinson.

(from the New York Post)
O.K. But they've got to be desperately trying to unload moping point-guard Luke Ridnour . . .

(Sund) told the Hawks the only way they could get Ridnour would be to include a first-round draft pick in any deal, the source said.

The Hawks currently have the seventh-worst record in the NBA (21-31) and do not want to give up a selection in a draft that is deep and talented.

(from the News Tribune)

How about Swift?

Meanwhile, two sources confirmed that the Portland Trail Blazers called the Sonics in an attempt to obtain Robert Swift.

Sund told the Blazers that Swift, out for the season with a knee injury, was not available, according to the sources.

(from the News Tribune)

The Sonics have shopped Fortson, who is in the final year of his deal, but no one is interested in the 30-year-old forward.

(from the Seattle Times)
You see? The Sonics really are trying to salvage the season and keep the team in Seattle &mdash they tried to trade Fortson for $30 and a bag of jock straps! And you thought they were just lame-ducking it while Bennett packed the moving vans for Oklahoma. Shame on you!


Anonymous said...

The first position the Sonics should be shopping for is head coach. But since the move to OK seems imminent, who cares? Really, I'm not sure why anyone would like to watch the Sonics play (aside from Ray's gracious play style). What I'd really like to see is Ray with a solid team in which he can shine and show his real stuff. Other than that, if the Sonics want to be a contender they need a completely new roster and staff.

Anonymous said...

I sort of agree. It seems a major overhaul would be in order to make this team successful (I had to laugh when I read somewhere that the Sonics are 10-12 with Ray and Rashard in the lineup; like that's supposed to be good that we're basically a 40-win team when our two stars are healthy?). Unless Pau Gasol is headed our way - between slim and none on those chances - I think we're playing the hand we've been dealt this year, and even the best GM in the world wouldn't make that much difference.

Anonymous said...

They got to win 62% to get to 39 wins and hope that is good enough.

Over / under last season's 35 wins might be a more sporting issue, not that it really means anything