Thursday, December 20

Pointing Fingers

Starting opponent point guards in Sonic wins:

Jason Williams, Miami
Tyronn Lue, Atlanta
Brevin Knight, Clippers
Mo Williams, Milwaukee
Marko Jaric, Minnesota

Starting opponent point guards in Sonic blowout losses:

Sam Cassell, Clippers
Allen Iverson, Denver
Jameer Nelson, Orlando
Raymond Felton, Charlotte
Tony Parker, San Antonio
Damon Stoudamire, Memphis
Jameer Nelson, Orlando
Kirk Hinrich, Chicago
Deron Williams, Utah
Chris Paul, New Orleans

Now, I could spend a couple of hours digging through statistics from each of those players, adding them all up, calculating their averages, their PERs, their assist to turnover ratios, and all the rest, but that would be insulting to our readers. Because it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it, what the difference is between the first group and the second group, for even a casual observer of the NBA.

Four of the five guys in group one are vagabond NBA point guards. With the exception of Mo Williams, that first group is free agent fodder, the kind of guys who always float around fantasy leagues, being picked up and dropped more often than a hitchhiker on I-5.

The second group, though, is a whole different breed of cat. Some do it with speed (Parker, Stoudamire, Paul, Iverson), and some do it with smarts (Hinrich, Williams, Cassell), but all of them (with the puzzling exception of Jameer Nelson) are top-echelon point guards.

Which all speaks to the following; when the case history of the 2007-08 SuperSonics is written, and an analysis of the team’s needs is ascertained, it won’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that a new point guard is desperately needed.


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on why the sonics don't play green together with durant for most of their minutes? If we're gonna be bad, why can't we at least see how that would work? Their skills seem to work well together (which was the point of drafting Green, right?) - I thought Green's D on west was better than anyone's last night.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Jameer Nelson? I'm pretty sure I'd take him over an over-the-hill Damon Stoudamire, a terribly-over-the-hill Sam Cassel, or a horribly-shooting Kirk Hinrich.

Still, I fully appreciate your point about the urgency of the PG situation. The real downer is, I can't imagine there being any kind of near-term solution, outside of the near-nil chance of two of the three young centers suddenly showing flashes of huge potential, thereby providing us with a solid trading piece. Other than that, the only real trading piece we have is Sczcerbiak's huge contract, which will gradually gain in attractiveness over the next two years.

Josh Budd said...

That's all fine and dandy but I just need to know one thing:

Am I going to see Robert Swift on the court tomorrow night against the Raptors?

Josh Budd said...

p.s. Might as well place Jose on that second list.

Anonymous said...

Thing I believe will make this team better.

1: Earl Watson needs to go. Earl has been given an opportunity and has failed. He takes dumb shots, he slack off on defense, and he doesn’t open the floor for Durant and company.

I personally would like to see Ridnour start and get more time. He has played slightly better defense then Watson (at leas this year with Ridnour getting 0.83 steals per game versus Watson’ 0.72, this with Ridnour getting on average 11 less minutes a game.) and plus, Ridnour spreads the floor more by adding his longer range. I know you cannot quantify this but the team just looks better with him running at point.

When West gets back, we can have him and Ridnour slug it out for the starting role. All I know is that Watson needs to go. Maybe we can deal him to Miami or somebody else for an expiring contract? It would save the Sonics $11.6 over the next two years if anything.

2: Start Durant at four and Green at three. I think another one who has had an opportunity and needs to go is Chris Wilcox. He is not physical enough and cannot play inside defense to save his life. I say move him to a team like Atlanta who have a nice set of expiring contracts and needs another inside option. Plus it saves the Sonics $6.5 million next year.

Durant and Green have surprised me with their defense. Durant, from his current 2/3 position, is averaging more than a block a night. Plus he would be a match up nightmare for most Power Forwards in the league with his speed, size, length, and range. As for Green, I really love this guy game. He reminds me a little of Scottie Pippen with the defense, passing, team effort, and doing all the little things. I really think he and Durant deserve a chance to run the forward slots together and for an extended run this season.

3: Start shopping or scouting for a two. Where the Sonics have been really getting killed is both guard positions in general, not just the Point Gaurd. The viable options for the shoot gaurd position are not really pretty. Wilkins is not a starter but a swingman off the bench, Wally' defense make Ridnour look like The Glove, and West is the best current option but really should be coming of the bench as a combo guard. I am not really sure who is out there that we could possible sign for, but in reality we need wait till next summer via the draft or free agency.

- Dan

Anonymous said...

Has Szczerbiak had a good showing in every game the Sonics have won this season?

Not sure what that means. He's a poor man's Ricky Pierce, and I mean that in the best way possible. Still, I stand by my statement abeove that if he keeps up his performance, he will be a valuable trading piece.

Anonymous said...

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