Tuesday, December 18

Reignman in the Rafters?

Our pal Mike Seely over at the Seattle Weekly has brought up an excellent question: Should Shawn Kemp have his number retired?

For me, it's a no-brainer. Kemp and Gary Payton were the heart and soul of Seattle basketball during arguably the greatest era in Sonics history.

I'm as nostalgic about the '79 World Champs as anyone, but The Reignman and The Glove ruled this city for nearly a decade and if not for His Royal Airness, would have easily won a championship (and probably could have trounced the '78 and '79 Bullets as well).

I say, raise number 40 and 20 high in the rafters--but maybe after Clay and his gang leave town. Those creeps don't deserve an invite to the highlight reel party.


Anonymous said...

i spent a good 20 minutes searching and watching kemp highlights on youtube. i miss that dude/i miss those days.

i'd say for sure, have both their numbers retired.

ps- that song fits that clip perfectly.


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