Thursday, January 8

Kevin Calabro. Every Day.

KC is back, and not a moment too soon.

According to the Seattle Times, The Magic Carpet Ride will return to the airwaves on KIRO (or whatever the hell they're calling it now-a-days) for a daily sports show starting on April 1st. Let's pray this isn't some sort of cruel April Fool's prank.


Anonymous said...

So now we'll have two sports stations spending the entire winter talking about the Fuskies? Swell.

Anonymous said...

I guess that would be next winter. April 1st is just in time for heated talk about the NBA playoffs.

Calabro: "All of our lines are STILL open"

Paul said...

I hate Sports radio (LET'S YELL ABOUT SPORTS!! OMFG!!!), but having KC back on the airwaves might force me to listen.

Anonymous said...

He's been doing the play-by-play for the Husky basketball games. Good to hear him back on the air, though honestly it sounds like he's still trying to work on his flow for the college game.

chief19 said...

I remember the 1996 playoffs and listening to KC describe the action on radio as I watched the tv broadcast. He is that good and I am glad that KIRO is giving him the platform to continue as Seattle's best Radio voice.

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