Monday, January 12

The Poetry of Brent Barry

I don't know how I missed this : The Poetry of Brent Barry.

(Thanks for the link, Eric!)

And if you're wondering about the picture of Brent Barry above, you should go here (scroll down to "Seattle Supersonics" video), and here, and here. God bless you, Wong Doody.


Eric Reynolds said...

I don't think he's America's new poet laureate or anything, but that was such a sincere and well-thought-out effort that ya gotta love Bones for it.

No one will ever write a poem like that about Oklahoma City. May your portfolio continue to tank, Clay!

Anonymous said...

There once was a man from 'lahoma
Who ran afoul of some kids from Tahoma
They ranted and raved
But the city gave in and caved
And now the kids have drunk themselves into a coma

Anonymous said...

There once was a man from OKC
who's wife gave him something that made it burned when he peed.
Her name was Elizabeth, she loved to shoot up meth....