Monday, May 4

Governor Doubts KeyArena Bill Will Surface

Jim Brunner at the Seattle Times reports that Gov. Gregoire does not expect to see SB 6116 to be passed during the upcoming special session. According to Brunner, Gregoire said, "I decided it wasn't a fight I was ready to fight for. I had other things I had to fight for."

This may seem to be a death knell for the bill - and for the Sonics in the near future - but as Lyndon Johnson famously said, "In politics you've got to learn that overnight chicken s*** can turn to chicken salad."


Anonymous said...

whats the plan now fat ass nickels? run out of places to pass the buck.

Anonymous said...

What Shame.The Gov. LIED, They all LIED. Nichols May as well move To OKC Right along with the Gov.

Anonymous said...

SO long SONICS and the NBA