Friday, May 1

Heckuva Night for Former Sonics

From last night's action:

Donyell Marshall, Philadelphia: 0 points, 2 boards
Carl Landry, Houston: 6 points, 7 boards, WINS SERIES
Glen Davis, Boston: 23 points, 6 offensive boards, 10/18 FGs, 53 minutes
Rashard Lewis, Orlando: 29 points, 7 boards, 5 assists, WINS SERIES

And, of course,

Ray Allen, Boston: 51 points, 27 3's (well, it seemed like it), 59 minutes

Not to mention, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West, just chillin' at home waiting to get it on in the 2nd round. It's crazy how the players involved in that Ray Allen/Jeff Green trade have gone on to such stellar playoff success this year (West/Wally S. in Cleveland, Davis/Allen in Boston). Except, of course, the guy the Sonics got (Jeff Green), who is likely mowing his lawn today.

Long-term, the Sonix will be fine, and all those draft picks (and their relatively cheap salaries) will be fine, but, man, doesn't a team made up of Kevin Durant, Ray Allen, and Rashard Lewis sound kind of exciting? Sure, they'd give up 120 points a night, but exciting nonetheless ...


JAS said...

“Long-term, the Sonix will be fine…”


I wonder whose idea it was to have Game 7 between Chicago and Boston (large markets with popular, storied franchises) Saturday night on cable while having Game 7 between Miami and Atlanta (slightly smaller markets with much less popular, much less accomplished franchises) on Sunday on ABC. Probably the same guy who thought the NBA would be better off with a franchise in Oklahoma City than in Seattle.

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