Wednesday, July 29

Kevin Calabro: Still the Best

Kevin Calabro, one of the few people in this town to actually say "no" to Clay Bennett, is profiled in the Seattle Times today. It goes without mentioning that KC was (and is) an inspiration to Supersonicsoul, so it's nice to see him getting some props. Warning: this article will make Sonics fans both nostalgic and incredibly depressed. But it could also make you a Sounders fan (if you aren't already).


chunkstyle23 said...

Loves me some KC. Nobody do the voodoo like he do.

And strangely enough, I too am starting to get into the Sounders. Coincidence?

ryan said...

KFC stands for Kevin F'in Calabro in my house.

criminy. said...

as always, eat a dick, OKC.

ryan said...

Whoa, big fella, I meant Kevin F'in Calabro in the kindest way possible, as if to say, greatest f'in band, or fastest f'in runner, or hottest f'in girl.

How about if I just say that Kevin Calabro is cool beans? That okay?

Paul said...

#3 - Down boy!

nuss said...

I'm with Criminy. Wait, what are we talking about again?

Anonymous said...

Looking at that picture reminds me how this town is full of bandwagon dorks. The butch Storm lezbo fans could grab those scrawny assed clowns by their scarves and swing them 30 feet in the air.

nuss said...

Having spent the better part of the last year watching European soccer on tv (hey, you've got to fill the non-NBA void with something), watching the US version is pretty pathetic. The fields, the game play, the camerawork on TV, it's all vastly inferior to the European brand. Basically, it's like the difference between watching the NBA and watching D-League. I know if you're a huge soccer fan, you'll take what you can get, but with the growing access of the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, etc on tv in North America, I can't see why the average viewer would watch the US version.

--looks nervously around as eyes of people around him glaze over in combination of confusion and boredom with this past paragraph--

criminy. said...

Yo dude, my bad. I definitely was not directing my comments at you. Anything that reminds of the sonics these days I cannot resist verbally insulting those assclowns. I'm still very much in the angry stage. I really don't see myself getting over it.

If anything I completely endorse the KFC/Kevin F'in Calabro idea. He's the best.

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