Wednesday, August 26

Collison: Hometown Hero

We're probably the last ones on the internets to write about this, but a couple of weeks ago, former Seattle Supersonic Nick Collison did something amazing: he spoke the truth.

Unlike most professional athletes, who are trained at an early age to tow the company line, Collison , revealed seemed to imply in a recent interview that he (shudder) actually wishes he were still here in Seattle! After the interview, I'm sure a lot of Oklahomans felt the same way.

Don't worry, Nick. After sticking up for Seattle, you'll always be welcome back in the Emerald City. Heck, you might even consider a write-in campaign for mayor!


Robert S. said...

I don't know what interview you listened to, but Nick never said he wished he was still here in Seattle. He said he was sad about moving, but he never said he wished he wasn't in OKC.

JAS said...

Yeah, he didn’t actually say he wishes the team was still here, Paul. That was what Jim Moore surmised, but Collison never actually said that. What happened was Collison drew the ire of some sports radio personality in Oklahoma because he Twittered (or Tweated, or whatever the verb is) something along the lines of “the weather is nice in Seattle.” This led to an on-air confrontation in which Collison, who still lives here, defended Seattle but also insisted he liked it in OKC. The radio host, Jim Traber, tried to extract some sort of loyalty oath from Collison, who wouldn’t go that far.
I’m sure Collison does really wish the team hadn’t moved, but he’s not going to actually say that point blank.

Paul said...

Sorry, I guess I should listen a little closer next time--I must have left my fan-boy filter on!

That being said, it makes the reaction from the OKC fans even more ridiculous. (Granted, they were stoked pretty hard by Traber, but still!)

Anonymous said...

He lives here in the off season so technically, he is a Seattle-lite...Do these OKC folks expect someone to talk bad about the town they live in?

You got our team..ok?!..get over your inferiority complex..

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