Thursday, August 6

Huh, I Would've Thought Sir Mix-A-Lot Would've Gotten There First ...

Tacoma rappers Bound By Honor are just about to head on a national tour, and Tacoma Weekly caught up with the fellas just in time to find out that two of Supersonicsoul's favorite people were the subject of one of their songs.

Mic Dailey is the sports fan of the two. One of the songs on the new album has him spitting some venom at Clay Bennett, who purchased the Seattle SuperSonics and moved them to Oklahoma City, and Howard Schultz, the head of Starbucks who sold the team to Bennett.

“We really pulled some wild $#!% on this album,” Big John said. “Me and Mic reached deep on this.”

(as reported by John Larson in Tacoma Weekly)


JAS said...

Pearl Jam’s upcoming album, “Backspacer”, has a song called “Supersonic.”

nuss said...

Good call - I'd filed that away in my head and then forgotten all about it. Be interesting to come up with a list of Sonic references in music through the years. Of course, you've got the classic Sir Mix-A-Lot "Not In Our House," but what about more subtle, or passing, mentions of the green and gold? Anybody?

JAS said...

From Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song”: “The owner of the Seattle Supersonic-ahs celebrates Chanukah.”
That song is from the mid-’90s, when Ackerley still owned the team. I don’t know if he is Jewish, but Schulman was, Schultz is, and Bennett’s mother is Jewish.

And from Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day”: Among the reasons he mentions is “the Lakers beat the Supersonics.” Sadly, that day could have been most of the times they played (although that’s true for every team besides the Celtics).

Anonymous said...

The Presidents of the United States of America's song "Supersonics" was about the Sonics.

ryan said...

I know this shouldn't count, but you can't forget JJ Fad's "Supersonic" back in the late 80s.

Great, now I'm going to have that crappy song in my head for the rest of the afternoon.

JB said...

don't forget Nelly's ubiquitous hit "Country Grammar" where he claims "... I run more game than the Bulls and Sonics" at the end of the first verse.

chunkstyle23 said...

Das EFX "Undaground Rappa" has a verse that goes
"In LA I hit the chronic, I'm super like the Sonics/
I jab you with the left and swing a hook without the phonics"
(I remember that song being more bangin' than it was on YouTube...)

Band of Horses (formerly of Seattle) had a song called "Detlef Schrempf" for some random reason.

Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne's lyrics in Fireman mention GP, "addicted to the game like Jordan & Payton"

The Game's lyrics in California Sunshine, "we make it rain like Reign Man, when he play with The Glove"

mic daily said...

The whole song is not about the Sonic thing... I just express the feelings of a city in a couple precise lines. Check it out, the song is called "Light'em Up" and can be heard @

=LOSER said...

also Grynch has a pretty dope track, wherein one of the lines is something like:
I stay in it/I won't leave because of thunder/motherf*ck a Clay Bennett

great track. called Take a Trip. check it out.

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