Tuesday, September 15

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NBA Refs Wanted


haizman_brain said...

What's a league without Dick "The Corpse" Bavetta blowing his whistle?

BTW, "Whistle" is not the name of Dick's dog.

chunkstyle23 said...

Thanks for the tip, PN--just sent my application in. I hope Basketball Bucks are good for a t-shirt at the NBA Store, or day-old popcorn at MSG.

But if not, I've got it all planned out. Since I hate to fly, I can just trade my travel vouchers for cash and take that to Atlantic City on my days off. I can probably get some good advice from all the pro refs I meet there!

JAS said...

Seen this yet, Nuss?:


JAS said...

This is kinda funny, too:


nuss said...

Thanks for the links, JAS. I had heard about the management raises at other sites, but, unless I missed something, there was no word - either in that article or elsewhere - about David Stern's salary. I've read in a couple of places that his salary and Ross Hunter's (his top asst.) are tied to the maximum salary of a 10-year and 6-year veteran, respectively. So it is possible that their salaries might go down with the decrease in the cap. However, that's just speculation and internet theorizing. Nothing definite.

Anonymous said...

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