Thursday, October 8

Creation of a Champion

Timeline of 1978-79 Seattle Supersonics


Anonymous said...

i honestly dont get this.

but its cool

nuss said...

I tried to tread a fine line between subtetly and information, but just to clarify:

- yellow boxes indicate years person spent in Seattle
- actual years listed at top of page (with 79 for '78-'79, etc)
- logos within boxes indicate role person played with team

Any help?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can change Wally Walker's 2006 square to black with an image of the grim reaper?

jason said...

I'm going to be the guy everyone piles on by saying this, but here goes:

If you look at his total contributions to Seattle basketball, Wally Walker comes out looking pretty good. Seriously.

I know, he screwed up a championship team and made some lousy choices as GM, but - unlike 99% of the other people involved in Sonic history, on-court and off-court - he was there for us when the s%%% hit the fan two years ago. I'll always remember him for his contributions to saving the Sonics, much more than I'll remember him dumping George Karl, or signing McIlvaine, or any of that stuff.

Mark said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Saving the Sonics, Jason?
Dude, he brokered the sale.

Anonymous said...

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