Friday, January 1

Danny Fortson: Cyborg Smasher!

In 2006, cartoonist extraordinaire Rafael Calonzo, Jr. and writer/comedian Paul Merrill created "Danny Fortson: Cyborg Smasher", a two-part comic series based on former Seattle Supersonics forward Danny Fortson.

(Originally published in 2006 on

"Danny Fortson: Cyborg Smasher"
Issue #1

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"Danny Fortson: Cyborg Smasher"
Issue #2


Unknown said...

THERE NEEDS TO BE A PART 3! what part does the oft injured cohort Robert Swift play??? If you're going to bring up those horrible memories of Swift, you gotta follow it up... even this many years later.

Paul said...

Thanks Andrew--I'm working on the script right now! We're just hoping the long wait between sequels won't cause the dreaded "Phantom Menace/Crystal Skull" effect.

Unknown said...

Are the Fortson comics available for sale??

Unknown said...

Are the Fortson comics for sale??

Nathaniel said...

These are awesome comics. Well done gents.

(FYI, I am a Kings fan of course.)