Tuesday, June 1

1979 Sonics Finals viewing/crying party

A group of Sonics fans are getting together for an all-day viewing party of the 1979 Finals today at Floyd's Place on Queen Anne. Check out the video for a preview.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone go?

Baked McBride said...

Thanks for posting this. Elicited both tears and head-nodding pride: "Sssright Mickey Fickeys. Supes are Wooooooorrrld Champs -

So sad that this was our only one and that it was soooo long ago.

I lived in T-town, but we were on a family vacation in D.C. when this went down. I wore my "Sonic Boom" shirt the next day and I was
the KING OF D.C. until some dick shot his milkshake at me through a straw. That was not cool, and all my mom said was, "I told you wearing that shirt would be provocative in this city".

Love the trippy Pink Floyd begining to this. CBS was cutting edge man.