Thursday, May 26

Battle of the X-Man Tees

So you're looking through Ebay for a the perfect shirt to wear to this year's Sonic Celebration Night at Safeco Field, when you come across two utterly perfect options.

But which to choose? There's Option A:

Or Option B:

So tough to decide, right? With Option A, you've got classic late 80s nostalgia, while with Option B you've got a shirt almost no one ever saw, guaranteeing you righteous head-nods from your fellow hipsters at Safeco.

It's a ridiculously difficult decision, but I'm going with Option A, if only because by putting it on I'm instantly transported back to 1987 and the great times Sonic fans had watching X, Tommy Gun, and Dale.


Paul said...

I picked #2 only because it would be tacky if we were wearing the same thing. Another factor to consider: #1 actually looks brand-new, while #2 looks like it was found in an abandoned meth lab.

ryan said...

Totally agree. I only buy my shirts from fully operational meth labs. Those abandoned ones have shoddy merchandise.

Anonymous said...

The Mariners should wear Supersonics baseball caps during the game. Or maybe a special jersey featuring the "swoop" the Sonics often had on their unis. And give Shawn Kemp the front row seats he declined in OKC.

Clay Bennett said...
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