Sunday, June 12

Congrats to the World Champion Dallas Mavericks (shudder . . .)

For the first (and hopefully last) time, I found myself rooting for a team from Texas tonight, as the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat 105-95 to win their first championship.

Maybe it was because they beat The Team That Must Not Be Named in the conference finals. Maybe it was the three former Sonics coaches sitting on the bench. Maybe it was local kid made good Jason Terry and his crazy-ass airplane antics. Maybe it was because they were playing the most hated team in basketball.

Regardless of the reason, congrats to the Mavs for all of the above. And let us never speak of it again.


Anonymous said...

As a Mevericks fan and just finding this random post on the interweb I have to say thank you for the support!!! Also Seattle should have a team and they should've never left. My life as a Mavs fan is complete and it just seems like good triumphed over evil.

Dallas, TX

AirKaris said...

Although the reason was probably because the OKC was going to take some fan base away from Dallas, If I remember right, Dallas was 1 of only 2 teams (Portland the other) that voted against the Sonics moving. Just something to consider when rooting for any other team.