Tuesday, October 18

Aubrey: Whole Foods and the NBA

Whole Foods Market opened in Fridayland this week across from the Chesapeake Energy Campus and Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon, who is credited with bringing WFM to the city, said in his travels he noticed Whole Foods in Jackson, Ms., and other regional cities and decided to try to bring the organic food marketer to OKC.

“Turns out it was easier to get an NBA team than a Whole Foods,” quipped McClendon.

/Bangs head against keyboard

Oklahoma City Friday)


Anonymous said...

What a gutless turd. This guy can't be trusted. Aubrey should have just stole a Whole Foods from Seattle and brought it to OKC since that's he and blockhead Clay Bennett's M.O.

jason said...

Say this for AM - he's the only honest guy in the whole crappy situation. Stern, Shultz, Bennett ... they had blood all over their hands, and they kept lying to us all along. Mcclendon was the only one who told the truth from the start, and he wound up getting fined $250K for it.

He's a prick, sure, but at least he's honest.

Anonymous said...

Yep. An honest homophobic prick