Friday, October 28

Schultz for President?!

Doyle McManus of the LA Times reports that a group called "Americans Elect" is aiming to put a third-party presidential candidate on the ballot in all 50 states, and one of their possible candidates is long-time Sonic supporter, Howard Schultz.

To be fair, Schultz is the last of more than a handful of possibilities McManus mentions, so please don't think of this as anything more than pure speculation, but, still, it makes one wonder:

*Just how effective would a man obsessed with five-year plans do when confronted with a four-year term of office?

*Is it possible that after three years of frustration in leading the country, Schultz would sell the U.S. to a Canadian oil tycoon, who would in turn move the U.S. to Winnipeg?

*Offended at the lack of respect shown towards him, would Schultz deal Jon Stewart to Belgium for a comedian to be named later?

*Might he replace milk in school cafeterias with cappuccinos?

*Lecture everyone about how to do things the right way, all the while continuing to further erode America's economy by expanding from 50 to 137 states in 2 years, then being forced to cut back to 39 states (sorry, Dakotas) after he nearly bankrupted the nation?

I'm betting on the last one.

(via Seattle PI)

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