Monday, April 22

New Sonics Jersey Found

There have been plenty of Sonic jerseys in history - you've got your classic championship era jersey, your minimalist early 70s jersey, your Howard schmaltz jersey of the 00s, and so on ... but does anyone else recall this one?

It's from this Ebay sale, if you're interested, wherein the prospective bidders might learn that it is from the 1992-93 season, was never worn (obviously), and is in new condition (also, if you scroll to the middle photo with the finger holding an interior tag, a delightful joke about Shawn Kemp, err, arises).

Personally, the thought is in the right place, but I think the numbering is a little poor and the tightness of the letters makes it tough to read the word 'Sonics.' Still, it ranks in the top half of jerseys, had it actually been one the team wore, and would be better than what we saw on-court during the 1996 Finals.



Paul said...

I loved these.

I think these were the kinda-sorta retro throwback jerseys used during a few turn-back-the-clock games that season (although it might have been before '93). As you recall, the Sonics were still wearing their classic stripe-across-the-middle jerseys at the time, so they had to reach WAY back to pre-'78 days for retro night and came up with this number, which I guess was suppsed to be a hybrid of the 60s and early 70s ones.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I have a video somewhere of the Sonics playing the Bullets wearing these jerseys. That game featured one of my favorite Kemp dunks of all time. I'll try to dig it out and put it on the interwebs soon.

Paul said...

Also, that whole comment is much funnier if you read it in the voice of Grandpa Simpson.

PN said...

Video would be great.

I was a little embarrassed when you mentioned how this was a copy of an old jersey, but when I checked through some old media guides from that time, I could see why I didn't catch that the first time around. The original jerseys had a different lettering style that spaced out the letters much more nicely.