Tuesday, June 28

Feeling Drafty?

The Seattle Sonics have the 25th pick in today's NBA Draft.
This guy went number one. Seriously.

As the Sonics prepare for the #25 pick in today's NBA Draft (yawn!), Supersonicsoul looks back at the best and worst in Sonics Draft History:

Best Pick: Gary Payton (1990)
Worst Pick: Rich King (1991)
Worst Traded Pick: Scottie Pippen (1987)
Where are they now?:Vladimir Stepania (1998)

What do you think? Do you have a favorite draft memory/nightmare? Do you think the Supes will make a trade (or fake a trade, like the Kemp for Pippen one in '98?)

One thing's for certain: The Sonics have had some up and down draft picks over the years, but at least they never drafted Sam Bowie.

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