Wednesday, June 1

Feeling a Draft: Part III

Ht: 6’11 Wt: 248 Age: 18
College: South Kent Prep HS (Conn.)

Believe it or not, Blatche can drain an NBA 3. And, believe it or not, that’s about his best offensive skill.

With good speed, above-average leaping, and aforesaid shooting skills, Blatche is a unique talent. After not showing any proclivity for playing in the low post throughout his HS career, Blatche showed an ability to do so in post-season tournaments. tabs his upside as a future Chris Bosh ... or a present-day Cliff Robinson.

Obviously, with no low-post background, Blatche will need to be a work-in-progress for whoever picks him. Luckily, the Sonics have big guys that can play right now (Collison, Radman, Fortson, Evans), meaning Blatche can play a few minutes, take a couple of 3s, and learn how to score in the block from his teammates and coaching staff. His frame apparently is ready to take on more weight (a la Shawn Kemp, who took that advice a little too far), so it’s possible he could develop into a player who can hit the 3, score down low, and guard the big fellas.

To me, that seems like a lot of “could be’s.” If Seattle wants Blatche to be a faster version of Vladimir Radmanovic, then we’re okay. If they’re looking for more than that, well they’re expecting too much, in my opinion.

Blatche isn’t a bad pick for the Sonics at this part of the draft, he’s just not someone you can realistically expect to be major contributor right away. Still, with his ability to knock down jump shots, Blatche could help off the bench, and would most likely fill at least some of Radman’s minutes should the Sonics make a trade/let Vlade walk away.

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