Monday, June 6

I don't love the Sonics that much

Danny Fortson of the Seattle Supersonics
Did you date DaFort in College? I'm sorry.

The hilarious har-har factory called McSweeney's has a great story called "Understanding the Seattle Supersonics by comparing them to girls you met in college":

On Ray Allen :
"You knew it wouldn't last—she was smarter and funnier and way better-looking than you—but you treasured your time together all the more since you knew how finite it was"
Reggie Evans:
"Wow. There was this party right before spring break. And you were both going to be on campus for spring break and just wow. You almost hated to see the bruises fade."
Read it and weep.

(Thanks to the 400 people who sent me this link last week while I was sick in bed with the stomach flu - the Danny Fortson one alone prolonged my illness by four days.)

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