Monday, May 30

Feeling a Draft: Part II

Ht: 6’7” Wt: 235 Age: 18
College: Seattle Prep / Committed to UW

At 6’7”, Webster is the ideal size for a shooting guard, almost too tall even. The star guard from Seattle Prep has committed to the Huskies, but after playing well in post-season all-star games, and hearing from NBA scouts, realized it would be well worth his while to explore the draft.

A seemingly mature young man for his age, Webster already possesses a strong jump shot. Built like someone who’s already in the league, Webster doesn’t seem to have the ability (yet) to use it in the post against smaller players. Defensively, he will need to work on his lateral ability, and there are plenty of areas of his game that could use improvement to become ready for the league. Still, at 18, how many guys come in ready to play?

It is expected that Webster will sign the Goodwins as his agent(s), which, of course, does not bode well for Seattle-Webster negotiations should he drop to the #25 spot in the draft (Interesting quote from the PI on Webster’s relationship with the Goodwins, from his great aunt/guardian Beulah Walker: "He's been talking to them," she said. "I told them to back off. I don't trust them."). He started out as going as high as 11th in the draft, but has slipped recently, to the point where has him at the 23 spot to Sacramento. Meanwhile, has him at 11th or 14th in their mock draft.

Webster averaged 27.7 ppg his senior year, a remarkable figure that attests to his ability to drain the long ball. It’s this ability that makes me think he’d be a good pick for the Sonics. I can imagine a scenario where Seattle re-signs Ray Allen, drafts Webster, then allows Allen to tutor Webster for the next 3-4 years, as the youngster slowly gets more and more playing time. By the time Allen starts to lose his game, Webster should be ready to step in.

Add in his obvious ties to the area, and it makes a good fit for both parties. He’ll likely go higher than 25, but in case he falls to this spot, he’s got my vote.

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