Wednesday, May 25

Who's Coming Back?

Curious to hear what everyone would like to see happen next year. Here's the list of players under contract for next season:

Lewis ($8.5 mil)
Fortson ($6.5 mil in 2005-06, $6.9 in 06-07)
Collison ($1.8)
Swift ($1.7)
Ridnour ($1.6)

Daniels has declined his option for next season. Radman is a restricted free agent. Everyone else is on their own.

So, out of JJ, Allen, Daniels, Radman, Potato, Evans, Cleaves, Flip, and Damien, who should the Sonics be looking to keep? Just as a quick thought, I'm for keeping AD, Radman, and Damien, and ambivalent about the rest. As we all know, I'm against giving Ray the bank, JJ's not likely to be consistent for a whole month, let alone a 4-year contract, Potato is possibly worth a small-value 2-year deal, Evans is a one-dimensional player who has outlived his usefulness, and Flip is seemingly never going to realize his potential.


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