Tuesday, May 24

Grist for the Mill

With the season over (Ray's shot still isn't hanging in the air, is it?), the Rumor Season starts now. I'll try to cull whatever rumors float out there and share them with you, our valuable readers. Here's a couple:

* According to the Times, Danny Fortson is rumored to be headed for DC in exchange for troubled center Kwame Brown, the former #1 pick in the draft. The enticing 7-footer has displayed ability, as well as getting his butt suspended for the playoffs by a frustrated Wizards' management.

Likelihood: 60%

* The Knicks are interested in McMillan, but it probably won't happen. Likewise, the Rockets want him too. Wally Walker, according to the PI, ain't gonna let it happen anytime soon, though. He has put an embargo on talks to Nate and GM Rick Sund until June 30th.

Likelihood of either leaving: 60%
Likelihood of both leaving: 20%

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