Friday, May 13

Pro v Con

Hey, we’re living large. The Sonics are back in it, or are they? Here’s 5 reasons for and against continued euphoria:

1. Ray Allen has to play better than he did in Game 3. He’s a better shooter than what he showed, and that bodes well for the Sonics.
2. Nick Collison’s offensive skills are a more than adequate replacement for Fortson’s. Early this year, the Sonics thrived because of Fortson’s ability to score in the paint. Now, they’re living off the youngster’s abilities.
3. Barry, Horry and Manu are all shooting way above their season averaged from beyond the arc. None of them hit 40+% during the year; through 3 games they all are.
4. The entire Spurs team is shooting over its head. They hit 45% during the season, 44% against the Nuggets, and nearly 50% against the Sonics. The law of averages says this must go down (and that includes you, Manu, unless you think the Argentinian can continue hitting 61% of his shots against the Sonics).
5. The Spurs are going to have to choose between continuing to slack off the big man in the pick and roll – allowing JJ to continue throwing down – or switch off, enabling Ray, Shard, et al to get some open jumpers.

1. Jerome James will not – repeat – will not go 7-for-7 from the field in Game 4.
2. The Spurs, while a bad FT shooting team, are not as bad as they showed in the 2nd half.
3. The Sonics did not score a point in the final 1:50 of Game 3.
4. I love AD, but I can’t imagine he’ll continue averaging 16 ppg for the rest of the series.
5. Rashard Lewis has apparently gone on early vacation.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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