Friday, May 6

Antonio says No-No to Tomatoes!

Breaking news!

Nussbaum's favorite Supersub Antonio Daniels, who is about to face his former team the Spurs in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, doesn't eat his veggies according to the Seattle P.I.:
"I've come to the point where I quit asking him," said (his fiancée) Sonia. "He does not like any kind of vegetables."

Except for potatoes. He'll eat those baked or mashed.

He likes steak. Chicken, too, but he'll ask for it without any sauce. He's so predictable that the staff at Benihana's knows he likes fried rice without the onions.

His game-day routine is just as rigid. Before every home game, he goes from the team's shootaround to the same taqueria and orders the same thing: Two almost-jumbo burritos. He eats one, most often with teammates Damien Wilkins and Allen. He takes the second one home, eating it after his nap.

Read the rest of this shocking story at the Seattle P.I.
Yes, playoff fever is affecting my brain. (Or is it effecting? Holy crap, my brains is scrambled!)

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