Tuesday, May 3

Nussbaum Tags in Simmons to Finish Off Nash

Superfly Snuka is on top of the cage!

Is P-Nussbaum ghost-writing for the Bill Simmons, or what? I'm surprised P-Nussbaum hasn't mentioned this himself, but everyone's favorite Sports Guy has chosen sides in the Steve Nash vs. P-Nussbaum Canadian Steel Cage Match:

After watching last night's Suns-Grizzlies game, I came to the conclusion that this whole "Steve Nash for MVP" thing is the dumbest argument in the history of basketball. How can anyone argue that Amare Stoudemire isn't the most important player on that team? For instance, let's say you replaced Nash in Phoenix with Kirk Hinrich for the entire season. Would the Suns still be a top-five team? Of course they would. Even if you replaced him with Jason Williams or Tony Parker, they're still probably a top-five team – they're just too loaded. But who could possibly fill Stoudemire's shoes on that team? Is there another athletic big man in the league who brings as much to the table? He's an absolute force of nature.

I just don't understand this whole thing. Seriously, I'm flummoxed. And why hasn't anyone written the "If Steve Nash were black, nobody would be mentioning him as an MVP candidate" column yet? If the late Ralph Wiley were still around, he and the Road Dogg would have had three 4,500-word conversations about this topic already. Do you honestly think Steve Nash would be considered a top-three MVP candidate if he looked like Baron Davis? Come on. He's not even the best player on his own team. This is crazy. I wish I could use the pseudonym "William X" on Page 2 and write an entire column about this.
(More Cowbell: April 28, 2005)

The only way it would be more uncannily Nuss-like is if he'd said "Allen Iverson" instead of "Baron Davis."

In the coming weeks, you can count on each member of the Double-S-Soul having his final say on the end-of-season awards, in our first-ever SUPERSONICSOUL-GLOW AWARDS.

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